4 Nov

Above Ground Pool Heaters In Florida

We recently had an inquiry about above ground pool heaters in the Florida area, specifically Delray Beach. We’ve had several inquiries over the past few months for some residents who had just moved to the area from the northern United States and they wanted to make sure they would be able to use their pools even when the temperatures dropped down into the 50s. So we made sure they understood the different types of above ground pool heaters we offered.

Based on their expectations and the amount of heating that would be required, we recommended our above ground solar pool heater. With all of the sunlight that Florida gets and the fact that the temperatures only dip into the 50s during the months of December, January and February, a solar above ground pool heater would fit their needs perfectly. It obviously wasn’t the lowest cost option for them, but they really were insistent that solar be a high priority. Many of our customers are willing to pay a little extra money to make sure they are being environmentally conscious citizens and really for their long term needs, once the solar pool heater is paid off over a few years, they will enjoy getting their pool heated to the temperature they like without any costs at all.

We really didn’t need to explain any of this to this particular customer, they were already prepared to pay the extra cost in order to have an environmentally clean pool heater solution. When we asked them how they found us, we were happy to find out they were talking to one of their neighbors who knows the owner of Delray Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros. Steve over there has been a customer of ours for years. If you are ever in need of oriental rug cleaning in the Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boca Del Mar, or Deerfield Beach, give them a call. They are a great company and we like to reciprocate with referrals.